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UCC The Blend 114 Instant Coffee ( S )

UCC The Blend 114 Instant Coffee. To make the Ultimate Blend, UCC Master Coffee Appraisers made 500 types of Blended Coffee samples. Carefully feeling the taste of each one, until finally only a few blends were selected. Of these, the taste Number 114 was chosen. The Blend 114 instant coffee has been a popular, loved and long time seller since it was created back in 1988. Soft taste with a Rich Flavor. It is an instant coffee blended from carefully selected coffee beans from Brazil and Ecuador. (Regular Instant Coffee contains No Sugar or Milk)          

UCC The Blend No.118 Instant Coffee- Strong Taste

Take a sip of strong, high quality coffee with UCC The Blend No. 118 Strong Taste Coffee Blend. UCC combines modern technology with traditional methods of coffee making to produce a distinct and flavourful blend that differentiates their coffee from other coffee makers.