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Marutai Instant Japanese Ramen – Kagoshima Kurobuta

RM11.46 RM10.89
This packet contains the base for making Kagoshima-style ramen for two people, including thin ramen noodles, seasoning oil, roasted onions and soup seasoning with pork extract from Berkshire Black pigs, which are raised exclusively in Kagoshima. Taste the difference for yourself!

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Marutai Kumamoto Kuro Mayu Ramen

RM11.46 RM10.66
Marutai Kumamoto Ma-Yu Tonkotsu Ramen is a Japanese instant ramen made with broth obtained by slowly boiling pork and chicken bones, vegetables and adding ma-yu seasoning.The ma-yu, or black garlic, oil is a characteristic of Kumamoto ramen and combined with the tonkotsu broth adds and extra rich flavor and sweetness to the ramen soup.The noodles of this Japanese ramen are non-fried, firm and straight.Each pack is for 2 servings.  

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