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Marutai Instant Japanese Ramen – Kagoshima Kurobuta

RM11.46 RM10.89
This packet contains the base for making Kagoshima-style ramen for two people, including thin ramen noodles, seasoning oil, roasted onions and soup seasoning with pork extract from Berkshire Black pigs, which are raised exclusively in Kagoshima. Taste the difference for yourself!

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Mizkan Honteri-Mirin Cooking Sauce

Bring one of the most fundamental ingredients in Japanese cuisine into your cooking with this cooking sauce as it gives a beautiful shine and elegant sweetness to sauces, marinades, soups and stir fries.

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Nissin Uma-Kara Spicy Ramen – 1 Pack (5Pcs)

Nissin Ramen brings the real taste of Japanese Ramen restaurant. Satisfy your taste buds with springy and smooth texture wheat noodles served in a generous rich broth. Flavour Uma-Kara -Tasty and spicy ! A fiery rich ramen embodying a perfect blend of savoriness (umami) and spiciness (karami)

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S&B Golden Curry Sauce Mix -Medium Hot (S)

A readymade boil-in-the-bag medium hot vegetable curry sauce made with potato, carrot, onion, spices, curry powder, Worcestershire sauce and soybean. A block of Golden Curry Mix consisting of curry powder, flour, spices and seasoning could quickly transform mundane stew into fine curry simply by adding them to the mixture. Well-balanced mellowness and spiciness for most people. S&B Golden Curry Mix contains no meat or meat derived ingredients.


S&B Oroshi Nama Wasabi

S&B Nama Oroshi Wasabi is authentic Japanese wasabi and one of the most popular wasabi products in Japan which is perfect for sashimi, sushi, zaru soba, and more.