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Kasugai Ika Pea (Crispy Cuttlefish Peanuts)

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春日井製菓 いかピーナ
Deliciously savory seafood flavors. Enjoy the combination of aromatic cuttlefish and salty peanuts with Kasugai's crispy cuttlefish peanuts. These crunchy snacks are made up of fragrant roasted peanuts covered with a crisp shell, which is seasoned with plenty of real squid. This is a must-try snack for lovers of savory snacks, and most delicious when enjoyed with a cold beer.

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Meiji Plain Crackers ( S )

Luxurious tasting plain wheat crackers A staple of Japanese snacks and confectionery giant Meiji, Meiji Plain Crackers are produced using a traditional long fermentation process which takes up to 24 hours to achieve the strong aroma and blend of a nice cracker.


Meiji Plain Crackers with Oat (S)

Luxurious tasting plain wheat crackers, with oats. A staple of Japanese snacks and confectionery giant Meiji, this oat variety of Plain is perfect for those who always enjoy an extra mix of grains in what they eat. Made with rich French butter and miso powder to develop an umami flavour, these crackers can be enjoyed on their own or with your favorite cracker toppings.